Code of Ethics

Statement of intent

The Officers and Board of Directors of the New York State Society of Municipal Finance Officers recognizes that there are rules and standards of ethical conduct for officers and members which, if observed, can enhance confidence in the society and promote our goals.  It is for that purpose the New York State Society of Municipal Finance Officers, have adopted the following cannons of ethical conduct for the officers and members of the Society.

I. Personal Standards
Municipal finance officers shall demonstrate and be dedicated to the highest ideals of honor, excellence, impartiality and integrity in all public and personal relationships to merit the respect, trust and confidence of governing officials, other public officials, employees, and of the public.

II. Responsibility as Public Officials
Municipal finance officers shall recognize and be accountable for their responsibilities as officials in the public sector striving for the highest quality of performance and counsel.
They shall exercise prudence and integrity in the management of funds in their custody and in all financial

III. Development
Municipal finance officers shall promote excellence in public service while maintaining their competence and mentoring others.

IV. Information Integrity
Municipal finance officers shall demonstrate professional integrity in the issuance and management of information. They shall abide by all approved professional practices and standards. They shall respect the trust given them in accessing information and be sensitive and responsive to inquires for that information.

V. Conflict of Interest
Municipal finance officers shall actively avoid the appearance of or the fact of conflicting interests.